# 停用 ftp2.cn.debian.org 的 HTTPS 访问

2017-09-19 Miao Wang

由于 Debian 将给 <CC>.debian.org 域名设置 CAA 记录,并禁止给 *.<CC>.debian.org 签署 HTTPS 证书,所以我们无法再提供 https://ftp2.cn.debian.org 的访问。

由于国内 ISP 经常会错误地缓存镜像站的内容,所以我们不鼓励用户使用 HTTP 访问镜像站,请大家把地址更改为 https://mirrors.bfsu.edu.cn

目前 ftp2.cn.debian.org 的证书将于 2017 年 11 月 25 日 过期,我们会在此之前取消 https://ftp2.cn.debian.org 的访问。

备注:镜像站的安全性不靠 HTTPS 保证,提供 HTTPS 访问仅为了避免 ISP 错误缓存内容,引起各种缓存不一致的问题。

Debian 的公告见 https://lists.debian.org/debian-mirrors-announce/2017/09/msg00000.html,以下为邮件摘录:


the debian mirrors team needs to be able to point the ftp.<CC>.debian.org aliases at different backends based on their status. As such, the only service that is guaranteed to be available at these names is HTTP. Offering HTTPS on these names means breakage whenever they are pointed at a different mirror.

Accordingly, we have set CAA records (RFC 6844) on the <CC>.debian.org domains to disallow any certificate issuance, and we’d like to ask mirror operators who were offering HTTPS under these names to stop doing so. They are of course free to continue offering the service under a non-debian.org domain name.



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